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Crescat July Research Letter – Back Up the Truck

The recent pullback in commodities is a gift. It is allowing Crescat and our investors to secure even more of the world’s future critical resources at ultra-cheap valuations ahead of a new secular bull market. That is exactly what we have been doing, and it is already bearing significant fruit performance-wise in July. While commodities have sold off sharply recently, they are already starting to turn back up from extremely oversold levels. Continue Reading Here ›

Crescat July Performance Update – Liftoff

Our funds delivered strong gains this month thanks to the many gold and silver discoveries in the making in our activist precious metals theme. The precious metals mining indices appear to have turned up convincingly off their mid-month lows from the depths of the market’s recent despair, the worst sentiment for gold and silver that we have ever seen. Our funds have been performing way out ahead of the indices on this turn. We think it is based on the vastly superior quality, deep value, and high growth potential of our holdings. Continue Reading Here ›

 Crescat’s Macro Presentation – May 2022

Crescat’s Portfolio Managers, Kevin Smith and Tavi Costa, provide insight on their current views of the economic environment and how their strategies are positioned to create value for Crescat clients. See Macro Presentation Video Here ›