Financial markets can be inefficient.

Often fear, risk, and uncertainty cause us to make decisions that are not necessarily in our best interest. That’s why Crescat takes a different approach to the markets. Our firm was built on the ideals of consistency, trust, and discipline to generate successful outcomes for our clients over the long-term.

Our long-term track record shows that by consistently employing in-depth research into macroeconomic themes alongside a proprietary fundamental equity model that has been refined for over 18 years, we are able to navigate market fluctuations and identify those inefficiencies that can provide the strong returns that clients seek.

Experience, intelligence, and passion are all characteristics of a successful investment team. Clients can have confidence in the disciplined approach used by our chief investment officer, Kevin Smith, and his handpicked and well-trained analyst team. Combining macro themes with a systematic model leads to decisions that carry a great deal of conviction helping to achieve the performance that clients desire.

Our focus is on delivering high risk-adjusted returns, protecting clients’ assets, and preserving legacies by taking advantage of inefficiencies in the markets through our three unique investment strategies. We are active, value investors, utilizing a combination of top-down and bottom-up research. We follow data-driven signals and adhere to strict valuation principles. Delivering distinctive alpha through an investment process and strategies that clients cannot find anywhere else, capturing untapped value, is what Crescat is all about.