Due Diligence

Global Investment Performance Standards (GIPS®)

Firm-wide Verification and Performance Examination Reports:

SEC Registration:

Operational Risk Mitigation

Crescat employs internal controls throughout all aspects of the firm including accounting, compliance, order entry, trade reconciliation, fund transfers, and cybersecurity. We utilize advanced multi-broker, multi-custodian, order management and portfolio accounting systems. Crescat has a long history of profitability with low debt. Crescat uses large, well-capitalized, independent custodians to hold custody of client and fund assets. Crescat strives to adhere to the highest industry standards for performance reporting. Crescat Portfolio Management LLC claims compliance with Global Investment Performance Standards (GIPS®). Prospective clients can obtain a GIPS-compliant performance presentation along with independent performance examination reports and the firm’s list of composites and composite descriptions at the links above. Crescat uses an independent third party administrator to calculate monthly performance and produce statements for its hedge fund clients. Crescat’s hedge funds are subject to an independent, annual audit by a licensed CPA firm.