Recession Looms

Crescat Capital Crescat Updates, Research Letter & Performance Update

Recession Highly Probable

The percentage of inversions in the US Treasury yield curve just breached the critical 70% level last week. As Tavi Costa’s research at Crescat shows, every breach of this threshold in the history of the data back to 1970 has led to a near-term recession.



Buy Gold/Sell Short Stocks

Furthermore, Mr. Costa’s work has identified what was a highly profitable macro trade over the next two years following the triggering of this indicator. The macro trade was simply to buy gold and sell short the S&P 500 Index. In the 24 months after all seven prior instances of the signal, equal dollars invested on each side of this trade returned an average of 72% before dividends.

What is even more interesting is to look at how it performed in the two economic environments that are most comparable to the one we observe today. As we have discussed in prior letters, Crescat believes that the current macro climate most closely resembles the ones that preceded both the 1973-74 stagflationary recession and the early 2000’s tech bust. Using these two periods as analogs, buying the traditional central bank reserve metal and selling short the most popular US equity benchmark averaged an even more impressive 147% over the next two years excluding dividends.



VIX Reveals Eerie Investor Complacency

As Tavi’s indicator shows, we are very likely headed into a recession. Note how the CBOE Volatility Index has spiked much higher than where it stands today in all prior four recessions in the history of the VIX. Each recessionary spike corresponded with substantial broad equity market downside.



Broad Stock Market Outside of Scarce Commodities is Highly Vulnerable

As we have shown in prior letters, valuations are still higher than the peak of the tech bubble for the popular megacap tech stocks. The S&P 500 is down only 15.6% year to date. The year started with the highest fundamental valuations for US stocks in history. With the Fed still in tightening mode, there is substantial downside risk for the broad US stock market ahead. We have had what we believe is another mere bear market rally since early October. Meanwhile, a major and likely contagious crypto fraud and bankruptcy reminiscent of Enron and Madoff was just unveiled with the blowup of the FTX Cryptocurrency Exchange last week.



Crescat Uniquely Positioned for the Current Macro Environment

At Crescat, we have been taking advantage of the low valuations and unsustainable compression in mining stocks to buy large gold, silver, and copper deposits and exploration targets. These are the positions that comprise our Global Fiat Debasement macro theme which is expressed today across all Crescat strategies. While this theme has underperformed year to date, we believe our holdings therein are ripe to soar in the unfolding macro environment where inflation is likely to prove stubborn for years to come. Long-term inflationary forces are driven by historic structural supply shortages for critical commodities in the energy and materials sectors ahead of a desired global energy transition as well as impending wage-price spirals reminiscent of the 1970s. Furthermore, in our global macro and long/short hedge funds, we are using our equity fundamental model to sell short what we believe are some of the most overvalued stocks on the planet. The global macro fund is also short high-yield credit along with the long USD call options vs. short put options in the Chinese yuan and Hong Kong dollar.




Firmwide Net Performance Estimates through October 31, 2022



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