Marek Iwahashi Performance Update

Crescat just finished a strong turnaround month. We are so excited about what we have going on in our portfolios that we wanted to deliver this important update to those investors who might want to take advantage of the August investment window while there is still time over the weekend.

Thanks to the macro setup today, we have never been more optimistic about the opportunities that we have in our funds to deliver performance through year-end, and over the next several years.


Net Performance Estimates Through July



Crescat’s Top 5 Positions

Our funds delivered strong gains this month thanks to the many gold and silver discoveries in the making in our activist precious metals theme. The precious metals mining indices appear to have turned up convincingly off their mid-month lows from the depths of the market’s recent despair, the worst sentiment for gold and silver that we have ever seen. Our funds have been performing way out ahead of the indices on this turn. We think it is based on the vastly superior quality, deep value, and high growth potential of our holdings. Here are some highlights from our top five positions:


  1. Eskay Mining has identified and begun drilling at the new highly prospective Scarlet Ridge region. Eskay remains our largest position across the firm and was up 21% this month. We own 15% of the company including warrants. Eskay’s Mining geologic team is the world’s expert on volcanic massive sulfide gold systems. Their goal is to flesh out the bigger extension of the historic Eskay Creek Mine on their larger property package directly to the south. In the Golden Triangle of British Columbia, Eskay Creek, a VMS system, was one of the world’s highest-grade gold mines ever. It delivered essentially ALL of Barrick Gold’s profits in the late 1990s and early 2000s. It was the whole reason Barrick bought Homestake Mining to help make that company what it is today, the second largest market cap gold mining stock next to Newmont. We think Eskay Mining has incredible upside potential from here as they continue to prove out their bona-fide new VMS discovery.


  1. Quinton Hennigh, Crescat’s Geologic and Technical Director, believes that Snowline Gold, now our 2nd largest position firmwide, could be onto the biggest gold discovery in N. American history. The biggest to date is Goldstrike, Barrick’s other company-maker project, a Carlin-style gold system in Nevada. That was the same discovery that made Pierre Lassonde a billionaire. Snowline is how we sleep like babies at night, owning 22.5% of the company across our funds including warrants! Snowline was up 62% this month. It has assays that should be coming out in a few weeks which we expect to be phenomenal. We think Snowline is worth many, many multiples of where it is trading today. It is still undiscovered by the market at large though starting to perk up. While there are no guarantees, we are strongly encouraged these results could provide another significant boost to our funds in August.


  1. Eloro Resources is Crescat’s 3rd largest position. It is currently advancing one of the largest silver and base metals discoveries in the world in the last several decades in S. America. It was up 31% this month. We own 11.3% of this company on a partially diluted basis. This story just keeps getting better. The company just announced assay results of one of its highest-grade holes yet.


  1. Western Alaska Minerals, now our 4th largest position firmwide, is onto a major silver, lead, and zinc discovery. It was up 220% this month! It is still way undervalued in our model. We own about 15% of this company. We expect assays out soon with the best of them later in August.


  1. Goliath Resources, our fifth largest position across our funds, was up 21% last month. Crescat owns 19% of this company including warrants. The company is onto a major high-grade gold and silver discovery in the Golden Triangle in British Columbia. Like Eskay Mining in the same region, it is well financed for an aggressive summer drill season. The company just added a fifth rig at its Surebet zone while also announcing that exploratory drilling early in the season has identified an entirely new zone that could substantially expand the footprint of this deposit. At a minimum, we are highly confident that continued strong drill results at Surebet will drive this company higher over the next several months.


These are just our top five positions. We have an entire metals portfolio of 90 companies, 60 of which we consider core activist positions. We have worked incredibly hard putting this portfolio together over the last two years. We believe there is much upside ahead based on this truly one-of-a-kind collection of new discoveries. Many of our companies have assays coming over the next several weeks and months that could be big upward drivers for our funds. Our Lassonde curve model valuation of these companies is showing deep value and multi-fold return potential ahead. Take a look at the statistics in our Activist Metals Dashboard that show the appreciation potential of our entire exploration-focused portfolio at the end of this letter. It also shows the top 20 positions therein that we believe have the potential to deliver the most return for our funds.


Great Rotation: Alive & Well

Commodities came roaring back in late July after the June and early July shakeout. At the same time, our shorts in overvalued stocks are what held back the Crescat Global Macro Fund and Crescat Long/Short Fund in July from being even stronger. These short positions are key reasons why these two funds are up year to date in an otherwise down market. We think there is much more to still play out in this bear market outside of commodities. Our short positions in these funds are critical hedges to maintain in the current macro environment. We are confident that our shorts are ripe to start performing again.

The overvalued stock market at large is ready to turn back down while deep, structural, supply-driven resource inflationary pressures remain. The firm’s overriding Great Rotation theme, which we are well positioned for in these two funds, is alive and well. Fed tightening does nothing to stop the energy and materials structural supply problems to meet inelastic demand for food and energy, so there are great deep-value and high-growth opportunities over the short and medium-term on the long side of the market for many scarce commodity industries.

The need for investors to gird their portfolios with inflation protection is as great as it has ever been. Investors at large, however, are still unaware of this need as evidenced by low medium and long-term inflation expectations embedded in the fixed income markets today. These mispricings present tremendous risks and opportunities.


FAANG+ Luring the Unsuspecting

Last week looked like short-seller capitulation to us for the market at large and in mega-cap tech stocks in particular. Crescat is not capitulating at all. There were many “buy-the-news” headlines that could mark the peak of yet another bear market rally.

It was a trifecta of truly bearish news last week:

  1. The 75-basis-point Fed rate hike;
  2. The negative Q2 real GDP print, the second quarter in a row; and
  3. Lousy mega-cap tech earnings.

Yes, it was all really bad news, but short-term positioning was offside on the expectation of all this bad news, so there was a technical shakeout of short sellers. Normally, two quarters of negative real GDP means that we have already been in a recession, but unemployment remains low, so there is an abundance of recession deniers. It is sad how many people, including policy makers, appear clueless about the fact that labor markets are always a lagging indicator ahead of economic downturns. Because inflation is so high today, and the Fed so behind the curve, the current period of negative real growth is likely to be very drawn out and is only just getting started. We are in a stagflationary environment that we think will be very similar to the two-year long recession in 1973 and 1974 with many of the same investment implications. However, this one could be even more severe due to the much bigger global debt imbalances today. Inflation is the only viable solution to resolve these imbalances, in our analysis, so that means there is likely to be a lot more of it ahead.

There was a massive deceleration in revenues, earnings, and free cash flow of all the FAANG+ stocks that have recently reported, and they are all still richly valued. Beware of the false narratives designed to lure unsuspecting investors back into these former darlings. The truth is that high-multiple growth stocks traditionally do poorly in an inflationary environment. These stocks are hardly even growing anymore especially on an inflation-adjusted basis. Here is the shocking truth:



The FAANG+ results are nowhere near strong as the market has been interpreting. We have been increasing our shorts there into this recent short covering rally. We think the equity bear market will resume soon in earnest with the Fed still in tightening mode and the yield curve now well-inverted. Our global macro fund and long/short funds have a proven history of delivering in bear markets.

The Time to Act is Now

We are making this pitch to current and prospective new investors to add money now, because we truly believe the timing is excellent to put money into Crescat’s funds for an August 1 start. We can still take subscriptions over the weekend. Please reach out to Marek Iwahashi by responding to this email if you would like to receive paperwork for a new subscription or an additional subscription for those who are already invested.


Activist Metals Portfolio Dashboard (as of 7-30-22)

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