Macro Trade of The Century

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Dear Investors: At Crescat we remain positioned to capitalize on a downturn in the economic cycle. Global equity markets peaked in January 2018 while US markets peaked in September 2018. Crescat’s hedge funds were two of the world’s top performing funds in 2018 as a result of our bearish macro views and positioning last year. We are confident that was …

Bear Market Rally Sets Up Opportunity For Crescat Strategies

Crescat Capital Crescat News and Updates

Dear Investors: There is indeed a business cycle and timing it ahead of key inflection points is key to successful long-term investing. Based on our analysis, we are heading into a bear market in 2019 that will coincide with the start of a global recession that will not be officially acknowledged until well after it began. For the following reasons, …

Strong 2018 for Crescat – Macro Opportunities Abound

Crescat Capital Crescat News and Updates

Crescat Global Macro Fund and Crescat Long/Short fund delivered strong returns for both December and full year 2018 in a difficult market. Based on Bloomberg reporting, Crescat had the number 1 and 2 performing US hedge funds in December and the number 1 and 3 performing US hedge funds for 2018. We are pleased to announce the official performance for …

2 of World’s Top Funds in 2018 per Bloomberg

Crescat Capital Crescat News and Updates

“As the dust settles on a troubled year for hedge funds, some managers escaped the wreckage and even thrived”, according to Bloomberg who recognized Crescat for its leading performance among hedge funds globally in 2018:

Crescat November Performance Update

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December 12, 2018 Dear Fellow Investors, Performance and Profit Attribution In December through yesterday’s close, Crescat Global Macro Fund (CGMF) is up an estimated 5.9% month to date and 29.9% year to date and Crescat Long/Short Fund (CLSF) is up approximately 7.4% month to date and 20.6% net year to date. Through the same period, the S&P 500 is down ...

Crescat Tops the Chart in October

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Dear Fellow Investors, October was a frightening month for investors around the world. From Hong Kong to New York, stock markets were slammed by a wave of fears about slowing growth, trade wars, and higher interest rates. The Nasdaq took the brunt of the damage. Stocks like Amazon and Netflix both lost around one-fifth of their value as the Nasdaq …

Crescat Delivers Strong October Results

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For the third time this year, Crescat Global Macro and Crescat Long/Short hedge funds were featured among Bloomberg’s monthly top U.S. hedge fund performers. See October’s Bloomberg Hedge Fund Brief. Year-to-date and long-term performance remain strong as our macroeconomic themes and proprietary models continue to uncover successful investment opportunities.   © 2018 Crescat Capital LLC   Case studies are included …

Crescat July Estimates

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China equity and yuan shorts worked well for Crescat’s hedge funds in July although US equity shorts and the gold longs held back the performance. We expect US equity shorts and gold longs to be changing soon in our favor.