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Crescat Capital LLC (“Crescat”) follows a friendly activist investment strategy in the precious metals mining industry. Crescat’s funds and separately managed accounts invest predominantly in companies focused on gold and silver exploration and may also invest in companies focused on industrial and electrification metal exploration, such as copper, zinc, nickel, lithium, and manganese.

An alphabetically organized list of precious metals miners in Crescat’s portfolio for which it has published case studies on its website and/or social media networks is included below. Because Crescat does not publish case studies on all of its positions, the list is not fully representative of the miners held by Crescat’s funds and separately managed accounts. In addition, although Crescat attempts to keep the list up to date, it may from time to time include positions Crescat no longer holds.

By selecting from the list below, one can view Crescat’s video presentations on our activist portfolio companies in reverse chronological order. Here, Quinton T. Hennigh, PhD, who is Crescat’s Geologic and Technical Director, tells the colorful story of these companies and their metal targets including the geologic merits, value proposition, and discovery milestones of each of the company’s main projects. These video access points will take the viewer directly to the section of the larger video where that company was featured. This page is where clients and prospective clients can deep dive into Crescat’s activist portfolio holdings to better understand the investment rationale. The larger videos are the full recordings of the Crescat Gets Activist on Gold and Silver livestreams which run weekly on most Fridays. These broader presentations explain Crescat’s evolving macro views and how we have positioned our clients for them across our different investment strategies. To get notifications for our upcoming streams, we encourage you to subscribe to Crescat’s YouTube channel.

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  • Alpha Exploration

      Alpha Exploration

      Alpha Exploration is an exploration company focused on the discovery of world class economic gold and base metals deposits within the Red Sea region. The company holds a 100% interest in the 771 km2 Kerkasha Exploration License in southwest Eritrea, which is situated around 135 km from the capital city of Asmara. Since acquiring the property in January 2018, Alpha Exploration has identified 17 prospects, of which five have been drilled to date. Alpha is managed by a group of highly experienced and successful professionals with many years of experience carrying out exploration and resource development programs throughout Eritrea and Sudan.


      • 7.70 g/t Au over 20m from 89m to 109m in hole ABD-001
      • 5.85 g/t Au over 15m from 6m to 21m in hole ABR-005
      • 5.24 g/t Au over 10m from 49m to 59m in hole ABR-008
      • 4.50 g/t Au over 22m from 47m to 69m in hole ABR-018
      • 14.07g/t Au over 16m from 14m to 30m in hole ABR-037
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  • Altamira Gold

      Altamira Gold

      Altamira explores and develops gold projects within western central Brazil. The company holds 8 projects comprising approximately 190,000 hectares within the prolific Juruena gold belt. The region has historically produced an estimated 7 to 10 Moz of placer gold. Altamira's advanced Cajueiro project has NI 43-101 resources of 5.66Mt @ 1.02 g/t gold for a total of 185,000 oz in the Indicated Resource category and 12.66Mt @ 1.26 g/t gold for a total of 515,000oz in the Inferred Resource category.


      • 1.0 g/t Au over 50m from surface in hole MBA001
      • 1.0 g/t Au over 55m from surface in hole MBA002
      • 1.4 g/t Au over 45m from surface in hole MBA003
      • 1.1 g/t Au over 50m from surface in hole MBA004
      • 1.0 g/t Au over 69m from surface in hole MBA005
      • 0.6 g/t Au over 71m from 34m to 105m in hole MBA007
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  • Barksdale Resources

      Barksdale Resources

      Barksdale Resources Corp. is a base metal exploration company headquartered in Vancouver, B.C., that is focused on the acquisition, exploration and advancement of highly prospective base metal projects in North America. Barksdale is currently advancing the Sunnyside copper-zinc-lead-silver and San Antonio copper projects, both of which are in the Patagonia mining district of southern Arizona, as well as the San Javier copper-gold project in central Sonora, Mexico. Barksdale is committed to increasing shareholder value by acquiring, exploring, and de-risking their high quality precious and base metal projects in the Americas. They operate under a simple philosophy that requires a disciplined approach to buying well and conducting thorough and systematic exploration. Underpinning this philosophy is a focus on obtaining assets that provide the appropriate mix of exploration potential, district scale property control, and optionality around potential exits.


      • 0.36% Cu over 415m from 411m to 826m in Hole TM-8
      • 0.25% Cu and 0.017% Mo over 366m from 1310m to 1676m in hole TM-8
      • 0.44% Cu and 0.016% Mo over 274m from 1128m to 1402m in hole TR-10, Including 0.6% Cu and 0.033% Mo over 106m from 1176m to 1282m
      • 0.37% Cu and 0.01% Mo over 204m from 1463m to 1517m
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  • BCM Resources

      BCM Resources

      BCM Resources Corporation is a diversified Canadian mineral exploration company focused on continued exploration of the Thompson Knolls Porphyry Cu-Au-Mo project. The company also controls prospective Copper, Gold, and Molybdenum exploration projects in British Columbia.


      • 0.66%Cu, 0.12 g/t Au, and 7.4 g/t Ag over 155.4m from 621.8m to 777.2m in hole TK8
      • 0.41% Cu and 0.013% Mo over 70m from 981m to 1051m in hole TK-6
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  • Bell Copper

      Bell Copper

      Bell Copper is a mineral exploration company on a mission to identify, explore and discover large copper deposits in Arizona. Bell Copper is currently exploring its Big Sandy Porphyry Copper Project, of which it owns 100%, and the Perseverance Porphyry Copper Project, which currently operates under Jioint Venture - Earn In.


      • 0.42% Cu and 2.4 g/t Ag over 200m from 1302m to 1502m in BS-3
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  • Blackwolf Copper & Gold

      Blackwolf Copper & Gold

      Blackwolf is an exploration company that holds a 100% interest in the high-grade Niblack copper-gold-zinc-silver VMS project, as well as the Cantoo, Casey Texas Creek gold-silver and VMS Properties in southeast Alaska. Blackwolf's founding vision is to be an industry leader in transparency, inclusion and innovation.


      • Indicated Mineral Resource of 5.85 million tonnes at 0.94% Copper, 1.83 g/t Gold, 1.73% Zinc, and 29 g/t Silver and an Inferred Mineral Resource of 0.21 million tonnes at 0.93% Copper, 1.52 g/t Gold, 1.38% Zinc, and 18 g/t Silver from the Lookout and Trio deposits using a US$100/tonne cut-off.
      • A higher-grade zone comprised of multiple, subparallel, interconnected lenses of sulfide mineralization on the Lookout deposit comprised of 3.790 million tonnes at 1.06% Copper, 2.19 g/t Gold, 2.07% Zinc, and 35 g/t Silver in an Indicated category using a US$130/tonne cut-off.
      • Both Lookout and Trio are open along strike and up/down-dip of the Mineral Resource with significant additional exploration potential across the property.
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  • Blue Lagoon Resources

      Blue Lagoon Resources

      Blue Lagoon Resources is a mineral exploration company focused on its high-grade gold project. This flagship property, the Dome Mountain Gold Project provides for up to 75,000 tonnes production annually. There is over 20 km of productive geological strike with numerous mesothermal veins that contain high-grade, silver orogenic type gold deposits. Apart from the main Boulder vein, there are 15 other known veins that have seen minimal exploration to date and give the project significant blue-sky potential.


      • NI 43-101 – 45,000 oz Au (Measured) at 10.32 g/t; 173,000 oz Au (Indicated) at 8.15 g/t; 16,000 oz Au (Inferred) at 6.02 g/t Plus 250,000 oz Ag (Measured ) at 57.31 g/t, 876,000 oz Ag (Indicated) at 41.19 g/t; and 71,000 oz Ag (Inferred) at 26.13 g/t, using a 3.5g/t Au cut-off* that applies to the Boulder vein system only.
      • 5.49 g/t Au, 89.9 g/t Ag, 1.21% Cu over 16.55m from 291.45m to 308m in hole DM-22-273, Including 11.02 g/t, 115.8 g/t Ag, 2.31% Cu over 5.56m from 302.35m to 308m
      • 11.78 g/t Au, 39.9 g/t Ag over 7.7m from 285.5 to 293.2 in hole DM-22-232, Including 15.5 g/t Au, 68.9 g/t Ag over 3.07m from 286m to 289.07m
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  • Brixton Metals

      Brixton Metals

      Brixton Metals is a Canadian exploration and development company focused on the advancement of its four exploration projects, of which the company all fully own. The Thorn copper-gold-silver Project, the Atlin Goldfields Projects located in NW BC, the Langis-Hudbay silver-cobalt Project in Ontario and the Hog Heaven silver-gold-copper Project in NW Montana, USA, under a Farmout Option Agreement to Ivanhoe Electric Inc.


      • Camp Creek: 0.48% CuEq (0.24% Cu, 0.28 g/t Au, 2.4 g/t Ag, 174 g/t Mo) over 821.25m from 377m to 1198.25m in hole THN 21-184 (#8 on Top 10 drill intercepts with Copper as the Primary Commodity)
      • Camp Creek: 0.381% CuEq (0.25% Cu, 0.09 g/t Au, 2.4 g/t Ag, 186 g/t Mo) over 967.71m from 335m to 1302.71m in hole THN22-201 (#9 on Top 10 drill intercepts with Copper as the Primary Commodity)
      • Trapper: 1.19 g/t Au over 304.46m from 4m to 308.46m in hole THN22-237
      • Trapper: 1.4 g/t Au over 253m from 42m to 295m in hole THN22-244
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  • Condor Resources

      Condor Resources

      Condor Resources is an active explorer focused exclusively on Peru, supplemented by a project generator and royalty model designed to generate exploration capital whilst minimizing shareholder dilution. The company is focused on advancing their portfolio of projects and expediting the discovery of major new precious metals or base metals deposits in Peru.


      • Drilling expected to start in June 2023.
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  • Core Assets Corporation

      Core Assets Corporation

      Core Assets Corp. is a Canadian mineral exploration company focused on the acquisition and development of mineral projects in British Columbia., Canada. The company currently holds 100% title ownership in the Blue Property, which covers a land area 1,083 km². The project lies within the Atlin Mining District, a well-known gold mining camp located in the unceded territory of the Taku River Tlingit First Nation. The Property hosts a major structural feature known as The Llewellyn Fault Zone, which is approximately 140km in length. Core Assets believes that the south Atlin Lake area and the LFZ has been neglected since the last major exploration campaigns in the 1980's. The LFZ plays an important role in mineralization of near surface metal occurrences across the property. The past 50 years have seen substantial advancements in the understanding of porphyry, skarn, and carbonate replacement type deposits both globally and in BC's Golden Triangle. The company has leveraged this information at the Blue Property to tailor an already proven exploration model and believes this could facilitate a major discovery. As one of Atlin Mining District's premier explorers, Core Assets believes there are substantial opportunities for new discoveries and development in the area.


      • 11 initial holes in the Grizzly project in 2022
      • 1763.16 g/t AgEq (661 g/t Ag, 13.2% Zn, 14% Pb, 0.27% Cu) over 1.97m from 58.54m to 60.51m in hole SLM22-011
      • 120.1 g/t AgEq (23.3 g/t Ag, 1.2% Zn, 1% Pb, 0.08% Cu over 21.65m from 0.35m to 22m in hole SLM22-001, Including 983 g/t AgEQ ( 215 g/t Ag, 8.9% Zn, 9.9% Pb, 0.36% Cu) over 1.25m from 15.71m to 16.96m
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  • E2 Gold

      E2 Gold

      E2Gold Inc. is a Canadian gold exploration company with a focus on its large flagship property, the Hawkins Gold Project, covers seven townships in north-central Ontario, about 140 km east of the Hemlo Gold Mine. The ompany has currently almost complete its Phase 2 10,000 metre drill program to confirm and expand the McKinnon Inferred Resource. E2Gold is committed to delivering the growth of gold resources within the Hawkins Gold Project, which is located in a re-emerging gold-rich region along the Hemlo-Timmins geological trend, with a high-grade initial inferred mineral resource of 328,800 oz.


      • E2 Gold holds 100% control over one of the few remaining underexplored greenstone belts in Northwest Ontario.
      • Recent prospecting activities have led to discovery of numerous new gold showings in need of further exploration work and drilling.
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  • Eloro Resources

      Eloro Resources

      Eloro Resources is an exploration and mine development company with a portfolio of gold and base-metal properties in Bolivia, Peru and Quebec. Eloro has an option to acquire a 99% interest in the highly prospective Iska Iska Property, which can be classified as a polymetallic epithermal-porphyry complex, a significant mineral deposit type in the Potosi Department, in southern Bolivia. Eloro also owns an 82% interest in the La Victoria Gold/Silver Project, located in the North-Central Mineral Belt. La Victoria consists of eight mining concessions and eight mining claims encompassing approximately 89 square kilometres and is located at an altitude that ranges from 3,150 m to 4,400 m above sea level.


      • 150.47 g/t AgEq ( 9.45 g/t Ag, 1.53% Zn, 0.88% Pb, and 0.07% Sn) over 441.21m from 28.7m to 469.91m in hole DSB-30
      • 202.43 g/t AgEq (69.8 g/t Ag, 1.21% Zn, 0.49% Pb, and 0.12% Sn) over 325.48m from 93.3m to 418.78m in hole DHK-27
      • 171.57 g/t AgEq (12.04 g/t ag, 0.29% Zn, 0.22% Pb, and 0.22% Sn) over 373.38 m from Surface to 373.38m
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  • Eskay Mining

      Eskay Mining

      Eskay Mining Corp is an exploration company focused on the exploration and development of precious and base metals in British Columbia in a highly prolific, poly metallic area known as the Eskay Rift Belt located in the Golden Triangle, 70km northwest of Stewart, BC. The company currently holds mineral tenures in this area comprised of 177 claims (130,000 acres). Two major deposits have been discovered along Eskay’s borders in the aptly named Golden Triangle. Pretium Resources Inc to the east commercially began production the summer of 2017 at its BruceJack Mine. Seabridge Gold to the direct east adjoining Eskay, with its KSM project is one of the largest undeveloped gold projects in the world measured by reserves.


      • 2.37 g/t AuEq over 238.87m from 2.68m to 241.55m in TV21-67
      • 2.48 g/t AuEq over 140.28m from 3.72m to 144m in TV21-63
      • 2.69 g/t AuEq over 92.29m from 211.42m to 303.71m in TV21-54
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  • Fathom Nickel

      Fathom Nickel

      Fathom is a CSE-listed exploration company that is targeting magmatic nickel sulphide discoveries to support the rapidly growing global electric vehicle market.  The Company now has a portfolio of two high-quality exploration projects located in the prolific Trans Hudson Corridor in Saskatchewan: 1) The flagship Albert Lake Project, a 90,000+ hectare project that was host to the historic Rottenstone deposit, a producer of high-grade Ni (3.28%), Cu (1.83%), and PGE (9.63 g/t) from 1965 to 1969, and 2) The Gochager Lake Project, a 4,696-hectare project that is host to a historic (NI43-101 non-compliant) open-pitable resource consisting of 4.3M tons at 0.295% Ni and 0.081% Cu.


      • 2 Drillholes completed at Gochager; both intersected broad zones of disseminated, semimassive to massive sulphide mineralization; results expected by mid-April.
      • Drillhole GL23003 was consistently mineralized throughout the total drillhole length; i.e., 5.35 – 336.00 meters (1% – 70% disseminated to massive sulphides)
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  • FireFox Gold Corp

      FireFox Gold Corp

      FireFox Gold Corp has been exploring for gold in Finland since 2017 where it holds a large portfolio of prospective ground. Finland is one of the top mining investment jurisdictions in the world as indicated by its multiple top-10 rankings in recent Fraser Institute Surveys of Mining Companies. Having a strong mining law and long mining tradition, Finland remains underexplored for gold. Recent exploration results in the country have highlighted its prospectivity.


      • 13.09 g/t Au over 15.5m from 11.0m depth in 22MJ021
      • 16.43 g/t Au over 7.2m from 22.8m at depth in 22MJ022
      • 15.04 g/t Au over 13.05m from 29.6m depth in 22MJ024
      • 14.34 g/t Au over 12.55m from 14.3m depth in 22MJ025
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  • Goliath Resources

      Goliath Resources

      Goliath Resources Ltd is an explorer of precious metals projects in the prolific Golden Triangle of northwestern British Columbia and the Abitibi Greenstone Belt of Quebec. All of its projects are in world class geological settings and geopolitical safe jurisdictions amenable to mining in Canada. The Golddigger Property is 100 % controlled covering an area of 239 square-kilometers and is in the world class geological setting of the Eskay Rift within the Golden Triangle, British Columbia and within 2 km of the Red Line that is host to multiple world class deposits.


      • 6.37 g/t AuEq over 35.72m from 66.78m to 102.5m in GD-21-03, Including 31.88 g/t AuEq over 4.52m from 66.78m to 71.3m
      • 24.8 g/t AuEq over 11m from 378m to 389m in GD-22-58, Including 44.47 g/t AuEq over 6.07m from 379m to 385.07m
      • 13.53 g/t AuEq over 11m from 389m to 400m in GD-22-100, Including 24.6 g/t AuEq over 6m from 391m to 397m
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  • Hannan Metals

      Hannan Metals

      Hannan Metals Ltd is a natural resources and exploration company developing sustainable resources of metal needed to meet the transition to a low carbon economy. Over the last decade, the team behind Hannan has forged a long and successful record of discovering, financing, and advancing mineral projects in Europe and Peru. Hannan is a top ten in-country explorer by tenured area in Peru.


      • Joint venture agreement with JOGMEC (Japanese Oil and Gas Ministry). JOGMEC has option to earn up to a 75% beneficial interest on San Martin Project bye spending up to $35,000,000 to deliver a JV feasibility study.
      • San Martin is a high grade copper/silver basin scale sediment hosted project.
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  • Harvest Gold

      Harvest Gold

      Harvest Gold is focused on the Interior Plateau of British Columbia exploring for near surface Gold deposits and Copper Gold Porphyry deposits. Harvest Gold acknowledges that the Emerson and Goathorn Projects are situated in the traditional territory of the Wet’suet’en Nation while the Jacobite Project is situated in the traditional territory of the Lake Babine Nation. Harvest Gold is committed to developing positive and mutually beneficial relationships based on respect and transparency with local Indigenous communities.


      • With a tight share structure, Harvest Gold is positioned to acquire projects and return value to shareholders as the precious metals market improves.
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  • Hercules Silver Corp

      Hercules Silver Corp

      Hercules Silver Corp (formally Bald Eagle Gold Corp) is a junior mining company focused on the consolidation, exploration and development of assets in known precious metals districts in Idaho. Bald Eagle has acquired the Hercules Silver Project, a highly prospective, low risk developed silver asset that has been underexplored for decades. The Hercules Silver Property is an asset boasting 28,000 m of drilling in over 300 shallow historical drill holes and 4 other developed targets along strike, including 1331.4 g/t Ag over 9.14 m and 1261.9 Ag over 4.57 m. The Hercules property is located mostly on State land with grandfathered mining and exploration rights in Idaho, the number one ranked jurisdiction in the world for its mining regulations, taxation regime and permitting policy.


      • 353 g/t Ag, 0.64% Pb, 2.28% Zn, and 0.16% CU (487 g/t AgEq) in maiden drill hole HER-22-001 starting at 26m.
      • HER-22-07 intersected 44.2 m grading 224 g/t Ag, 0.32% Pb, 0.38% Zn and 0.09% Cu (258 g/t AgEq) starting at 1.5 m.
      • Phase 2 drilling in summer 2023
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  • Inflection Resources

      Inflection Resources

      Inflection Resources is an explorer searching for large copper-gold and gold deposits in the northern interpreted extension of the Macquarie Arc, part of the prolific Lachlan Fold Belt ("LFB") in New South Wales, Australia’s premier porphyry gold-copper province. The LFB is host world-class mineral deposits including Newcrest Mining’s Cadia deposits (~24 Moz Au, ~2.4 Mt mined, reserve, and resource), the CMOC Northparkes deposits (~6 Moz, ~4.5 Mt Cu reserve and resource), and Evolution Mining’s Cowal deposits (~12 Moz mined, reserve and resources) plus numerous exploration successes including Boda (~9 Moz Aum ~1.5 Mt Cu resource), recently discovered by Alkane Resources. Inflection has a sharp technical team that has undertaken a rigorous review of geophysical data from across the northern Macquarie Arc in an attempt to "see" through a shallow veneer of cover rocks to identify numerous high-quality drill targets. Recent drilling at Duck Creek has discovered an extensive alteration system interpreted to be proximal to a large porphyry system. We here at Crescat are confident that Inflection is on the cusp of making a major discovery and are pleased to see our money go toward this goal.


      • Multi-year earn-in agreement with Anglo Gold across five Inflection Resources copper-gold projects
      • Anglo Gold can earn up to 75% interest individually in up to five projects
      • AUD $6,000,000 across Inflections’ New South Wales portfolio within first 3 years starting in 2023.
      • Inflection to operate Phase 1 for a 10% management fee
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  • Intrepid Metals

      Intrepid Metals

      Intrepid Metals Corp. is a Canadian company focused on exploring for high-grade copper, silver, and zinc projects in proximity to established mining camps in south-eastern Arizona, USA. The Company has acquired several drill ready projects, including the Corral Copper Project (a district scale advanced exploration and development opportunity with over 50,000 meters of historical drilling), and the Tombstone South Project (strong geological similarities to the Taylor Deposit, which was purchased for $1.3B in 2018) both of which are located in Cochise County, Arizona and our the Mesa Well Project located in the Laramide Copper Porphyry Belt in Arizona. Intrepid has assembled an exceptional technical team with considerable experience in evaluating, developing and permitting resource projects within North America. Intrepid is traded on the TSX Venture Exchange (TSX-V) under the symbol “INTR” and the OTC Markets under the symbol OTC: IMTCF.


      • Corral Copper Project Historical Highlights: 104.9m at 1.31% Cu, 4.89 g/t Ag, and 0.4 g/t Au from 60.8m to 165.7m in Hole 20_21, 126.2m at 1.24% Cu from 30.4m to 156.6m in Hole 20_01, 51.7m at 1.01% Cu, 7.98 g/t Ag, and 0.39 g/t Au from 63.8m to 115.5m in Hole 20-37
      • Tombstone South Project: Proximate to productive Tombstone base metal district, Geological similarities to Taylor deposit purchased by South 32 for US$1.3B in 2018, Granted new drilling permits
  • Kingfisher Metals

      Kingfisher Metals

      Kingfisher Metals Corp. is focused on underexplored district-scale projects in British Columbia. Kingfisher has three 100% owned district-scale projects that offer potential exposure to high-grade gold, copper, silver, and zinc.


      • 2.86 g/t Au over 40 m including 5.56 g/t Au over 9 m, 5.05 g/t Au over 6 m, and 19.91 g/t Au over 1 m in hole GR22-018
      • 1.93 g/t Au over 25m including 4.18 g/t over 9m and 3.77 g/t over 2m in hole GR22-032
      • 6.88 g/t Au, 13.6 g/t Ag, and 0.28% Cu over 9m in hole GR21-007
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  • Kuya Silver

      Kuya Silver

      Kuya Silver is a mineral exploration and development company with a focus on acquiring, exploring, and advancing precious metals assets in Peru and Canada. Kuya's flagship property is the Bethania Project, which includes the Bethania Silver mine, located in Central Peru. The Bethania mine was in production until 2016, toll‐milling its high - grade ore at various other concentrate plants in the region.


      • Bethania Mine indicated resource of 4,137,540 oz Ag with an average grade of 332 g/t Ag or 5,858,521 oz AgEq with an average grade of 451 g/t AgEq
      • Inferred resource of 5,600,256 oz Ag with an average grade of 249 g/t Ag or 8,006,431 AgEq with an average grade of 356 g/t AgEq
      • All-in sustaining cost of $12.15/oz silver eq. over LOM
      • Silver Kings Project 16,800 g/t Ag over 3.04m including 74,481 g/t Ag over 0.3m in hole 23-SK-08
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  • Labrador Gold

      Labrador Gold

      Labrador Gold is a mineral exploration company focused on the acquisition and exploration of prospective gold projects in Eastern Canada. In early 2020, Labrador Gold acquired the option to earn a 100% interest in the Kingsway project in the Gander area of Newfoundland. The Kingsway project covers approximately 12km of the Appleton Fault Zone which is associated with gold occurrences in the region, including those of New Found Gold immediately to the south of Kingsway. LabGold is drilling a projected 100,000 metres targeting high-grade epizonal gold mineralization along the Appleton Fault Zone. The Company has approximately $30 million in working capital and is well funded to carry out the planned program. The Hopedale property covers much of the Florence Lake greenstone belts that stretches over 60 km. Work to date by Labrador Gold show gold anomalies in rocks, soils and lake sediments over a 3 kilometre section of the northern portion of the Florence Lake greenstone belt in the vicinity of the known Thurber Dog gold showing where grab samples assayed up to 7.8g/t gold. Labrador Gold now controls approximately 40km strike length of the Florence Lake Greenstone Belt.


      • Kingsway project with multiple discoveries along Appleton fault
      • Big Vein: 44.08 g/t Au over 4.28m including 96.47 g/ Au over 1.03m in K-21-39, 128.51 g/t Au over 1.12m in K-21-47, 50.52 g/t Au over 2m in K-21-76
      • Pristine: 2.03 g/t Au over 16.2m in K-22-139
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  • Lion One Metals

      Lion One Metals

      Lion One's flagship asset is 100% owned, fully permitted high grade Tuvatu Alkaline Gold Project, located on the island of Viti Levu in Fiji. Lion One envisions a low-cost high-grade underground gold mining operation at Tuvatu coupled with exciting exploration upside inside its tenements covering the entire Navilawa caldera, an underexplored yet highly prospective 7km diameter volcanic edifice of alkaline affinity. The mineral resource for Tuvatu comprises 1,007,000 tonnes Indicated at 8.48 g/t Au (274,600 oz. Au) and 1,325,000 tonnes inferred at 9.0 g/t Au (384,000 oz. Au) at a cut-off grade of 3.0 g/t Au.


      • 500 Zone (500m Level): 20.86 g/t Au over 75.9m starting at 443.4m, 30.25 g/t Au over 37.5m starting at 471.3m, 43.62 g/t Au over 30m starting at 477.6m
      • Early mining underway
      • Unknown lode URA1 discovered during mining 75m into development decline. 14.7 g/t Au over 1.4m including 29.2 g/t Au over 0.5m, 15.86 g/t Au over 0.9m including 39.6 g/t Au over 0.3m, 7.57 g/t Au over 2.4m including 32.89 g/t Au over 0.45m
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  • Maronan Metals

      Maronan Metals

      Maronan Metals Limited is a new Australian specific-project focused explorer. The formation of Maronan Metals is the result of Red Metal Limited spinning out its Maronan Project – an advanced exploration play in the world class Mount Isa mining district of Northwest Queensland. The Maronan Project already boasts substantial resources of lead-silver and copper-gold and is one of Australia’s larger undeveloped base and precious metal deposits with mineralization beginning within 40 meters of surface. Several significant base and precious metal deposits occur with 150km of the Maronan Project including the “Tier 1” Mt Isa and Cannington operations and the large Ernest Henry mine. The Maronan Project has significant exploration upside with demonstrated scope for wide, higher-grade zones of lead-silver and copper-gold. Deeper extensions of both mineralization styles offer scope for separate “Tier 1” plays. The Company has commenced detailed remodeling of the deposit including the review of all previous drilling and datasets in preparation for the commencement of a maiden drill program planned to commence early in the September 2022 quarter.


      • Current established resource: 30.8Mt @ 6.5% lead with 106 g/t silver (using a 3% lead cut-off grade), 11Mt @ 1.6% copper with 0.8 g/t gold (using a 1.0% copper cut-off grade)
      • 2023 Drilling targeting shallow extension in hole MRN23001. 18.3 % Pb, 384 g/t Ag over 0.5m, 4.5% Pb, 237 g/t Ag over 8.7m, 4.4 % Pb, 426 g/t Ag over 4m
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  • Nevada King

      Nevada King

      Nevada King is the third largest mineral claim holder in the State of Nevada. Starting in 2016 the company has staked large project areas hosting significant historical exploration work along the Battle Mountain trend located close to current or former producing gold mines. These project areas were initially targeted based on their potential for hosting multi-million ounce gold deposits and were subsequently staked following a detailed geological evaluation. District-scale projects in Nevada King's portfolio include (1) the 100% owned Atlanta Mine, located 100km southeast of Ely, (2) the Lewis and Horse Mountain-Mill Creek projects, both located between Nevada Gold Mines' large Phoenix and Pipeline mines, and (3) the Iron Point project, located 35km east of Winnemucca, Nevada. The Atlanta Mine is a historical gold-silver producer with an NI 43-101 compliant pit-constrained resource of 460,000 oz Au in the measured and indicated category (11.0M tonnes at 1.3 g/t) plus an inferred resource of 142,000 oz Au (5.3M tonnes at 0.83 g/t).


      • Atlanta Gold Mine: Measured and Indicated 460k oz Au and 4.2moz Ag
      • Recent drilling extends ore body, 3.18 g/t Au and 20.8 g/t Ag over 70.1m including 6.63 g/t Au and 68.6 g/t Ag over 15.2m, 5.64 g/t Au and 6.7 g/t Ag over 42.8m including 28.5 g/t Au and 10.7 g/t Ag over 7.6m
      • Iron Point – Lower plate Carlin-type deposit target: 5.35 g/t Au over 4.8m from 342.6m to 349.9m and 5.35 g/t Au over 4.8m from 389.4m to 394.2m in hole IP22-5
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  • Newfound Gold

      Newfound Gold

      New Found Gold Corp. is actively exploring district size gold exploration projects in Newfoundland and Ontario. New Found holds a 100% interest in the Queensway Project. The project is intersected by the Trans-Canada Highway and has logging roads crosscutting the project, high voltage electric power lines running through the project area, and easy access to a highly skilled workforce. The company is currently undertaking a 400,000m drill program at Queensway, now approximately 34% complete. The Company is well funded for this program with a current working capital balance of approximately $127 million.


      • Queensway Project – numerous high grade vein discoveries along Appleton Fault Zone
      • Keats: 75.2 g/t Au over 23.5m in hole NFGC-19-01, 61.8 g/t Au over 13.65m in hole NFGC-21-118, 42.6 g/t Au over 11.75m in hole NFGC-22-593
      • Lotto: 150 g/t Au over 11.5m in hole NFGC-21-201, 152 g/t over 3.8m in hole NFGC-22-673, 33.8 g/t over 2.35m in hole NFGC-22-661
      • Golden Joint: 430 g/t over 5.25m in hole NFGC-21-241, 69.2 g/t over 14.15m in hole NFGC-21-462, 85.7 g/t over 3.85m in hole NFGC-21-401
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  • Northern Superior Resources

      Northern Superior Resources

      Northern Superior is a junior exploration company exploring for gold in the Superior Province of the Canadian Shield. The Company is currently focused on exploring its Lac Surprise, Croteau Est and Wapistan properties in Québec and its TPK property in Ontario. Northern Superior also has a number of other 100% owned properties in Ontario and Québec.


      • TPK Project: Largest soil anomaly in Ontario
      • Historic Holes: 25.87 g/t Au over 13.45m in hole TPK-10-004, 59.6 g/t Au over 0.5m in hole TPK-12-30
  • Novo Resources

      Novo Resources

      Novo’s focus is primarily to explore and develop gold projects in Western Australia.The company is an innovative gold explorer and producer with a significant land package covering approximately 12,500 square kilometres in the Pilbara region of Western Australia.


      • Novo Resources holds an extensive collection of high value gold projects in the Pilbara region of Western Australia and Victoria State.
      • The Company recently entered into an earn-in joint venture arrangement with DeGrey Mining (ASX) in which DeGrey can earn a 50% interest in Novo's Becher property situated near DeGrey's +10Moz Au Hemi gold project.
      • Novo is presently drilling its Nunyerry and Malmsbury gold projects.
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  • NuLegacy Gold

      NuLegacy Gold

      NuLegacy Gold Corporation is a Nevada-focused exploration company with exploration properties in Eureka County, Nevada, in close proximity to several multi-million ounce producing gold mines. NuLegacy Gold’s highly prospective Rift Anticline drill target (seven sq. km within the 108 sq. km Red Hill property) has uniquely favorable Carlin-system geology located within Nevada’s Cortez gold complex adjacent to three of Barrick Gold’s most profitable multi-billion-dollar, multi-million-ounce Tier 1 Carlin-type gold deposits. With NuLegacy’s industry-leading management and exploration teams’ track record of discovering and developing world class gold mines, the Rift Anticline represents an opportunity to add the fourth high-grade “elephant sized” Carlin-style gold deposit in the Cortez cluster.


      • Red Hill Project sits along the Cortez Trend in Nevada
      • 6.59 g/t over 22.1m including 16.92 g/t over 8.7m in SR18-02C
      • 2.07 g/t over 32.7m including 5.96 g/t over 10.3m in SR17-08C
      • 2.16 g/t over 21.3m including 6.09 g/5 over 4.6m in RHB-82
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  • NV Gold

      NV Gold

      NV Gold is a well-financed exploration company with a solid treasury and no debt, based in Reno, Nevada and is focused on delivering value through mineral discoveries in Nevada, USA. Leveraging its expansive property portfolio, its highly experienced in-house technical team, and its extensive geological data library, NV Gold has been highly productive in the past couple years.


      • Phase 1 drilling approximately 6 km from Pipeline Gold Mine
      • Carlin Style mineralization target
      • Area showing large geochemical soil anomalies including Au, As, Sb, Hg, Tl, and Se
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  • Pacific Ridge Exploration

      Pacific Ridge Exploration

      Pacific Ridge Exploration's goal is to become one of the leading copper-gold exploration companies in British Columbia. Pacific Ridge's flagship project is the Kliyul copper-gold project, located in the Quesnel Trough, approximately 50 km southeast of Centerra Gold Inc's Kemess mine. In addition to Kliyul, the Company's project portfolio includes the RDP copper-gold project, the Onjo copper-gold project, and the Redton copper-gold project, all located in British Columbia. Pacific Ridge will continue to search for projects that offer discovery opportunity in our regions of expertise.


      • 0.93 g/t AuEq over 437m from 12m to 449m including 1.15 g/t AuEq over 291.7m from 143m to 345m in hole KLI-21-036
      • 0.73 g/5 AuEq over 566.7m from 12.3m to 579m Including 1.14 g/t AuEq over 316.7m from 12.3m to 329m in hole KLI21-037
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  • Prospector Metals Corp

      Prospector Metals Corp

      Prospector (formally Ethos Gold) has accumulated a portfolio of district-scale projects in British Columbia, Ontario, Quebec, and Newfoundland that have large scale discovery potential. Ethos is advancing its nine projects throughout Canada with work programs underway with dedicated teams on each project. Toogood Project lies at the northeast extent of the Exploits Subzone (Dunnage Zone) of Central Newfoundland and is underlain mostly by the Ordovician Dunnage Melange and the Badger Belt. The Exploits Subzone area trends 200km northeast / southwest across the island of Newfoundland, and hosts most of the significant gold deposits in the province including Marathon Gold's Valentine Project which hosts 3.14 Moz. M&I at 1.72 g/t (NI 43-101). Gold mineralization on the Toogood Project is hosted by a suite of Devonian felsic dykes which cross-cut the property, emplaced in the latter stages of a polyphase tectonic history. Gold mineralization is associated with arsenopyrite, pyrite, trace chalcopyrite, and fine-grained native gold within pervasive sericite altered rocks, and concentrated along intersections between late-stage conjugate brittle faults.


      • Prospector Metals has recently pivoted to exploring for high grade nickel-copper-platinum group element deposits in the Canadian Shield.
      • The Company's geologic vision is led by Rob Carpenter, former CEO of Kaminak Gold which sold to GoldCorp for $300M.
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  • Prosper Gold

      Prosper Gold

      Prosper Gold Corp is looking for the right type of projects at the right time in an improving gold market. The company is currently focused on its flagship Golden Sidewalk Project.The 16,400-hectare Golden Sidewalk project is in the western Birch-Uchi Greenstone Belt, approximately 60 km east of Red Lake, Ontario. The “Golden Corridor” lies immediately north of the unconformity and is characterized as a highly prospective trend of coincident favourable magnetic and resistivity lineaments supported by highly anomalous gold-in-till samples covering 7.0 by 0.5 kilometres.


      • Prosper Gold recently acquired the Mohave Gold project in northwestern Arizona giving it a tier one gold exploration asset in a favorable mining jurisdiction.
  • Puma Exploration

      Puma Exploration

      Puma Exploration is a Canadian-based mineral exploration company with precious metals projects located near the Famous Bathurst Mining Camp (BMC) in New Brunswick, Canada. The company is committed to its DEAR strategy (Development, Exploration, Acquisition and Royalties) to generate maximum value for shareholders with low share-dilution.


      • 46.94 g/t Au over 3.85m from 45.6m to 49.45m in hole WB21-02
      • 51.73 g/t Au over 1.85m from 66.5m to 68.35m in hole WB22-66
      • 34.93 g/t Au over 3m from 2m to 5m in hole WB22-25
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  • Red Pine Exploration

      Red Pine Exploration

      Red Pine Exploration Inc. is a gold exploration company. Red Pine's flagship project is the Wawa Gold Project in the Michipicoten greenstone belt of Ontario, a region that has seen major investment by several producers in the last five years. Its land package hosts numerous historic gold mines and is over 6,900 hectares in size.


      • 5.13 g/t Au over 37.47m including 25.2 g/5 over 3.41m in SD-22-396
      • 5.07 g/t Au over 27.35m in SD-22-414
      • 3.5 g/t over 25.15m in hole SD-22-413
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  • Silver 47

      Silver 47

      Silver47 is currently a private, Yukon silver explorer off everyone's radar. They plan to go public in a few months on the back of a new, very high-grade silver discovery made in 2021. The Company drilled a discovery hole, 19.8m @ 556 gpt Ag, 23.4% Pb-Zn, in the Silver Matt target, part of the Michelle Project situated approximately 160 km NW of Keno Hill. Geologic data supports this being a Keno Hill type system. Keno Hill is one of the largest and highest grade silver deposits ever mined in Canada. Silver47 has secured a drill for 2022 and is planning an aggressive follow up program at Silver Matt and several other of the nearly two dozen drill ready targets on the property. In 2022, we expect a steady stream of very strong silver results from this story with an ultimate potential of discovery of a ++100Moz high-grade silver-base metal deposit.


      • 556 g/t Ag, 20.3% Pb, 3.16% Zn over 19.8m including 824ppm Ag, 28.7% Pb, and 1.54% Zn over 7.6m in MCH-22-001
      • 907.11 g/t Ag, 28.75% Pb+Zn over 15.21m incluing 1577.5 g/t Ag, 49.31% Pb+Zn over 7.68m in MCH -22-002
  • Snowline Gold Corp

      Snowline Gold Corp

      Snowline Gold Corp. is a Yukon Territory focused gold exploration company with a seven-project portfolio covering more than 100,000 hectares. The company is exploring its flagship 72,000 hectare Einarson and Rogue gold projects in the highly prospective yet underexplored Selwyn Basin. Snowline's project portfolio sits within the prolific Tintina Gold Province, host to multiple million-ounce-plus gold mines and deposits including Kinross' Fort Knox mine, Newmont's Coffee deposit, and Victoria Gold's Eagle Mine. Snowline's first-mover land position provides a unique opportunity for investors to be part of multiple discoveries and the creation of a new gold district.


      • 2.55 g/t Au over 318.8m from 3m to 321.8m in hole V-22-010
      • 1.89 g/t Au over 410m from 5.1m to 415.1m in hole V-22-007
      • 1.45 g/t Au over 285.1m from 2.9m to 288m in hole V-22-014
      • 1.26 g/t Au over 558.6m from 4.4m to 563m in hole V-22-029
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  • Storm Exploration

      Storm Exploration

      Storm Exploration (previously Lithoquest Resources Inc.) is focused on advancing three projects located in the Miminiska-Fort Hope greenstone belt of northwestern Ontario. The projects cover more than 41,000 hectares of prospective geology and are located within the traditional territory of the Eabametoong First Nation. All of the properties cover geology that is favourable to host economic gold deposits and high-grade gold mineralization has been identified on both Miniminiska and Keezhik.


      • 27.8 g/t Au over 0.59m in Hole DDH22-02
      • 5.75 g/t Au over 20.8m (Historic)
      • 13.95 g/t Au over 5.3m (Historic)
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  • Tectonic Metals

      Tectonic Metals

      Tectonic Metals Inc. is a mineral exploration company created and operated by an experienced and well-respected technical and financial team with a track record of wealth creation for shareholders. Tectonic is focused on the acquisition, exploration, discovery and development of mineral resources from district-scale projects in politically stable jurisdictions that have the potential to host world-class orebodies.


      • 1.33 g/t Au over 18.3m (Historical)
      • 12.56 g/t over 24.7m including 6.47 g/t Au over 4.5m (Historical)
      • 1.36 g/t Au over 36.6m incuding 6.47 g/t Au over 4.5m (Historical)
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  • Timberline Resources

      Timberline Resources

      Timberline Resources Corporation is focused on discovery of Carlin-Type gold deposits at its district-scale Eureka Project in Nevada. The Eureka Property includes the historical Lookout Mountain and Windfall mines in a total property position of approximately 70 square kilometers. The company is also operator of the Paiute Joint Venture Project with Nevada Gold Mines in the Battle Mountain District. These properties lie on the prolific Battle Mountain-Eureka gold trend. Timberline also controls the Seven Troughs Project in northern Nevada, which is one of the state's highest-grade former gold producers. Timberline controls over 111 square kilometers of mineral rights in Nevada.


      • 5.03 g/t Au over 41.1m including 9.49 g/t Au over 19.8m in hole BHSE-212C
      • 10.09 g/t Au over 15.24m in hole BHSE-176
      • 11.95 g/t Au over 17.7m in hole BHSE-029C
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  • Western Alaska Minerals

      Western Alaska Minerals

      Western Alaska Minerals is focused on exploring the historic Illinois Creek Mining District located in western Alaska near the Yukon River. The company's 100%-owned portfolio comprises overing 49,280 acres (77 square miles), and contains five evolving resources including a silver-rich, high-grade carbonate replacement deposit. This significant district was originally discovered by Anaconda Minerals Co. in the early 1980's. Since 2010, WAM and its private precursory company Western Alaska Copper & Gold Inc. has been engaged in exploring and advancing its interests in the district and now controls a diversified portfolio of five deposits that contain gold, silver, copper, lead, and zinc.


      • 789 g/t Ag, 14.9% Zn, and 22% Pb over 5.1m in hole WCP22-21
      • 187 g/t Ag, 6.2% Zn, and 5.1% Pb over 54.6m in hole WCP22-22
      • 160 g/t Ag, 5.4% Zn, and 5.3% Pb over 101.7m in hole WCP22-18
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